Revenge porn shitweasel and U.S. Senate hopeful Craig Brittain has a "racist texts" problem

Previously featured at Boing Boing as the titular "revenge porn shitweasel" in Mark Frauenfelder's classic post Revenge porn shitweasel abuses DMCA in vain effort to take down his own photos, revenge porn shitweasel Craig Brittain is now running for U.S. Senate. But he has another problem today: text messages posted by someone who claims he sent them.

Andrew Chavez, the owner of Petition Partners, told the Arizona Capitol Times that Republican Craig Brittain lashed out at Chavez and his family after he declined Brittain’s request to hire Petition Partners to help gather enough nominating petitions to qualify for the 2020 primary ballot.

On August 21, Chavez tweeted a screengrab of texts he received from an unnamed source. At the time, Chavez only wrote that the sender was a candidate he declined to work for.

That candidate, who Chavez later identified as Brittain, lashed out at Chavez.

“F*ckin piece of sh*t be glad you even get to stay in my country. Can’t wait to deport some of your family members. MAGA,” Brittain allegedly wrote. “Deport all invaders and deport anyone who is anti-deportation or pro-amnesty along with them… You are trash just like the invaders. Move to Mexico.”

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