Wonder Woman says "Don't chew on things!"

"Pass this tip on your friends too."

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You can knit this badass Wonder Woman shawl

I'm so-o-o tempted to take up knitting again, because that's the only way to get my hands on this badass Wonder Woman shawl. For those of you more in the practice of knitting, its designer, Carissa Browning*, has made the pattern available for free through Ravelry. When you go to that page, look at all the many variations people have made using the pattern! And, since you're going down the rabbit hole, go look at the RBG-inspired Dissent Cowl she made too.

She writes:

I tried to keep this pattern as simple as possible so it would be accessible to a wide range of knitters. However, some fairly basic short-rows were required to get the logo right. With that said, I think an advanced beginner, or even an adventurous newbie, could still handle it.

(*You might remember Carissa's name from her awesome Yip Yips Stockings.)

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Watch how to 3D print any image as a translucent lithophane

Lithophanes were originally bas-relief artworks made of translucent porcelain that let varying amounts of light through depending on thickness. Now they same effect can be created using a 3D printer and applied to anything from Wonder Woman images to personal photos. Read the rest

Watch the original 1967 Wonder Woman TV pilot, from the producers of Batman!

Before Cathy Lee Crosby (1974), Lynda Carter (1975), and Gal Gadot (2017), Ellie Wood Walker was Wonder Woman! In 1967, Batman producer William Dozier created this short film as a pitch to Warner Brothers. From IMDB:

Unlike "Batman," which was campy adventure, "Wonder Woman" was going to be a straight comedy series, along the lines of "Captain Nice." The resulting short written by several writers on the Batman series failed to win Dozier that approval.


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Watch this artist repaint a Barbie doll to look like Wonder Woman

Watch as an off-the-shelf Barbie gets a superhero makeover in this delightful tutorial. Includes a list of materials used and a very relaxing voiceover. Read the rest

Take on the world with this Wonder Woman gif

Brazilian illustrator Leandro Franci shared this fantastic Wonder Woman gif on his Tumblr. It depicts Diana’s big “No Man’s Land” fight sequence, which is one of the best (if not the best) scenes in the film. Franci has a ton of other great, geeky art on his Tumblr, including a series featuring the women of the X-Men:






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Learn how to do a Wonder Woman braid

Recreate Diana’s iconic fishtail braid with this tutorial. Be warned, however, you might need arms of steel (or a friend) to make it happen.

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Why it took so long to get a Wonder Woman movie

Fandor points out that despite the fact that the comic book characters were created around the same time, we got seven Superman movies and nine Batman ones before Wonder Woman was finally allowed to make her big screen debut. Read the rest

The complicated, feminist history of Wonder Woman’s odd origin story

In this great piece for Vulture, pop culture critic and Wonder Woman aficionado Angelica Jade Bastién digs into Diana’s Prince comic book origin story. Unlike Batman and Superman, whose backstories are both iconic and straightforward, Wonder Woman’s origin is a little weirder and a little less familiar to mass audiences. Traditionally, she’s molded from clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, who leads the Amazons on the all-female island of Themyscira; Diana leaves Themyscira when Captain Steve Trevor crash lands on the island and needs an escort to take him back to the world of man. Like many comic book characters, however, Wonder Woman has seen her origin—not to mention her personality, ethos, and biographic details—shift over the years. And Bastién argues that in this case, those shifts aren’t just part of the normal ebb and flow of comic book storytelling; they also specifically relate to Wonder Woman’s relationship to feminism. Bastién writes:

Due to the fact that she’s so intrinsically tied to the feminist movement, Wonder Woman is also often burdened with having to represent all facets of womanhood in ways other female superheroes, like Black Widow, Storm, and Captain Marvel, have not, which has created a more muddled sense of who she is. Charting the tangled lineage of Wonder Woman’s origin is to chart the history of American feminism itself and how female power is negotiated in a world that abhors it. At the beginning of her history, Wonder Woman carried the echo of the suffragette movement and first-wave feminism.

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Anyway, here’s Wonder Woman’s theme with a heavy metal cello twist

After serving as the soloist for Wonder Woman’s now iconic theme music in Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, cellist Tina Guo uploaded her own even more badass take on Hans Zimmer’s score to her YouTube channel. Guo also served as a soloist on the new Wonder Woman movie as well. Read the rest

Level up your Wonder Woman cosplay with this comic book-inspired makeup look

Nikkie of NikkieTutorials offer a step-by-step guide to creating a comic book homage to Diana Prince. Consider pairing this look with your custom-made Wonder Woman bathing suit. Read the rest

Wonder Woman smashes box office records

Wonder Woman earned $100.5m in its first weekend at the box office, breaking the record for a woman director and taking in $223m worldwide. Patty Jenkins's only previous feature film was the very different Monster, an award-winning biopic of serial killer Aileen Wournos. Critics say Wonder Woman is also the first DC universe movie that isn't a grim, tedious trudge through the dark end of superhero fandom. Read the rest

Watch 2017’s Wonder Woman get a 1970s TV makeover

The new Wonder Woman movie is easily the best thing in the DC Extended Universe so far. And it turns out it fits quite nicely with the vibe of the 1970s TV show too. Read the rest

Director of Wonder Woman on why the word "cheesy" is banned from her world

Here's a great quote from the New York Times interview with Patty Jenkins, director of the well-reviewed new "Wonder Woman" flick and the Aileen Wournos biopic "Monster".

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Counting down Wonder Woman’s strongest comic book moments

Just days ahead of the premiere of the new Wonder Woman movie, the YouTube channel VariantComics shares some of Diana Prince’s most awe-inspiring comic book moments. Read the rest

A multi-generational musical tribute to Wonder Woman

From Nancy Sinatra to Beyoncé, Nerdist uses songs by some of the greatest female artists to salute the most famous female superhero, Wonder Woman.

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Wonder Woman as a symbol of progress

In this new upload, video essayist KaptainKristian explores the history of Wonder Woman as a progressive symbol. Read the rest

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