Woz stopped at an airport and asked about privacy

Woz says toss your Facebooks and beware your phone.

I have been a fan of Steve Wozniak ever since meeting him at an Apple Users Group meeting in my very early teens.

A friend had (still likely HAS) a signed by Woz Apple ][gs and everyone in our social circle was jealous. Read the rest

Steve Wozniak on how he became passionate about computers

Apple computers was founded on April 1, 1976. In this commercial for the Japanese human resources brand PERSOL, Steve Wozniak talks about how he "stumbled into a journal about digital computer topics" and how it changed his life. Read the rest

Wozniak on Jobs biopic

With a new trailer out to promote Kutcher-starring biopic Jobs, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has new thoughts on the movie—not all of them negative. [Jesus Diaz / Kinja] Read the rest