Zimbabwe's nurses went on strike this week and got fired by the government as a result

On Monday in Zimbabwe, thousands of nurses went on strike, demanding better salaries. The strike came hot on the heels of the country's doctors returning from their own weeks-long strike, which took place for similar reasons. With no nurses standing by to assist doctors or to see patients, hospitals in the African country have been forced to turn away people looking for care. Instead of negotiating with the nurses or passing legislation that would send them back to work, Zimbabwe’s vice-president, Constantino Chiwenga, apparently decided to fire them all.

Because doing that always calms things down in a country that's facing growing labor unrest.

According to The Guardian, vice-president Chiwenga believes that the strike actions undertaken by the country's doctors and nursing staff are politically motivated and stated that his "...Government has decided in the interest of patients and of saving lives to discharge all the striking nurses with immediate effect." Yep – ensuring that healthcare professions are never allowed to return to their jobs of you know, saving lives, is definitely gonna be in the best interest of any patients they might have treated.

Chiwenga called the strike “deplorable and reprehensible," citing the fact that the government had released £12m to boost their pay and allowances. There's no word, however, on how much this amount would increase the state of each nurse's wages, or when the money would actually come into use.

But don't worry Zimbabwe, there's good news! The government plans on hiring any unemployed or retired nurses that it can find to fill in the massive hole that your government just created in your country's healthcare system. Read the rest

Celebrate the deposition of Robert Mugabe with this funny ad about him being the last old-school dictator

Out with the old, in with the old. Read the rest

Donald Trump will re-legalize importing endangered elephants' ivory and severed heads

The Trump administration will reverse the Obama-era prohibition on importing taxidermied elephant heads and tusks from endangered wild African elephants from Zimbabwe and Zambia. Read the rest

“FOUND: Lost Photos in Zimbabwe.” A real life viral mystery video by Joe Sabia.

“i found an SD card in the middle of zimbabwe. now I am trying to find the card's owner.” Read the rest

US dentist blamed for killing beloved lion in Zimbabwe

Palmer is said to have paid $50,000 for the privilege of killing the big cat with a bow and arrow.

Zimbabwe's trillion-dollar bills selling for real money on eBay

Zimbabwe's crazy inflation is being put out of its misery with the country's official switch to using U.S. dollars. Only now can the old denominations--quadrillion dollar bills!--appreciate in value due to their oddness and humor value.

On online auction site eBay, a 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar note is a collector's item fetching up to $35, a small fortune compared with the 40 U.S. cents on offer from the central bank as it seeks to officially bury the worthless currency.

The unloved Zimbabwean dollar, ravaged by hyperinflation that peaked at 500 billion percent in 2008, ceased to be legal tender on Friday as the southern African country switches fully to the U.S. dollar. … "I think this is a waste of time. I would rather sell the money to tourists," said Shadreck Gutuza, a former currency trader who now buys and sells used cars from Japan.

Here's the eBay search you're looking for. Read the rest

Hedge funds gave Mugabe $100M for genocide, got platinum mines in return

Zimbabwe's dictator Robert Mugabe unleashed a storm of brutal, genocidal violence after losing the 2008 elections -- and now we know that it was funded by western hedge-funds and banks, led by Och-Ziff Capital Management, the largest publicly traded fund, with assistance from Blackrock, GLG Partners, and Credit Suisse, who raised $100M for Mugabe's weapons and torture-chambers in exchange for a sweetheart deal on the country's platinum mines. Read the rest

Flush Mob: 1m Zimbabweans empty cisterns in unison

Authorities in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, asked the city's million residents to flush their toilets at precisely 7:30 p.m. Saturday—a move aimed at clearing waste that had accumulated in the system after recent outages. [AP] Read the rest

Zimbabwean senator proposes ending AIDS crisis by mutilating women and preventing them from bathing

A Zimbabwean senator named Morgan Femai from the opposition Movement for Democratic Change has given a bizarre, misogynist speech at an African HIV/AIDS conference in which he proposes that his county's AIDS health emergency can be solved by mandating that women must be ugly and unbathed, and be subject to genital mutilation. He also gave an interview in which he stated that "Women have got more moisture in their organs as compared to men so there is need to research on how to deal with that moisture because it is conducive for bacteria breeding. There should be a way to suck out that moisture."

“What I propose it that the government should come up with a law that compels women to have their heads clean-shaven like what the Apostolic sects do,” said Femai, when speaking to a parliamentary HIV awareness workshop in the central city of Kadoma on Friday, according to Nehanda Radio.

“They should also not bath because that is what has caused all these problems,” said Femai, who added that if women dressed in shabby clothes and were uglier, then men would not drawn to have sex with them.

Femai also proposed that Zimbabwean women should be circumsized.

How to reduce HIV in Zimbabwe? Make women uglier.

(via Skepchick) Read the rest

Zimbabwean law will put legislation, parliamentary gazette, etc, under state copyright

Joeblack69 says, "Our Justice Minister in Zimbabwe is currently steering a bill through Parliament that I believe requires scrutiny.

The General Laws Amendment Bill, among other issues, seeks to amend the Copyright and Neighbouring Act by giving copyright protection to legislation, notices and other material in the Government Gazette, court judgments and certain public registers.

Copyright in all these documents will vest in government. Government, as copyright holder."

Which means, fundamentally, that the law and the doings of government will become copyrighted, and not freely distributable to the governed. Versions of this are already law in many commonwealth countries, and it sucks here; Zimbabwe's version is even more extreme than the versions that we in the UK and Canada labour under.

Veritas, a local lawyers grouping, blasted the changes as inimical to democracy.

"The amendment proposed by clause 16 of the Bill will violate Section 20 of the Constitution, will be inimical to transparent government, human rights and the rule of law, and will be contrary to best practice in the southern African region," Veritas said.

"Amending the Copyright and Neighbouring Act has serious implications for the rights of citizens to freely access and distribute legislation, notices and other material in the Government Gazette, court judgments and certain public registers. It is important that such information should remain in the public domain." Section 10 of the current Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act does not subject certain public documents to copyright such as official texts or statutes; official texts of judicial proceedings and decisions (judgments); notices and material published in the Government Gazette and the contents of official registers.

Read the rest

How bad hyperinflation can get

The remarkable story about Zimbabwean hyperinflation:

The cumulative devaluation of the Zimbabwe dollar was such that a stack of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (26 zeros) two dollar bills (if they were printed) in the peak hyperinflation would have be needed to equal in value what a single original Zimbabwe two-dollar bill of 1978 had been worth. Such a pile of bills literally would be light years high, stretching from the Earth to the Andromeda Galaxy.

Shadowstats' John Williams: Prepare For The Hyperinflationary Great Depression

(via Kottke)

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