Viacom terrorizes YouTube with bullshit DMCA notices


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  1. Bobo says:

    No such system is in place – or maybe it is in the guise of DMCA safe harbor regulations. It’s no secret that video sharing sites like YouTube generate a lot of traffic through user submission of material that the users don’t hold the copyright to. There’s plenty of Daily Show clips, Saturday Night Live skits, sports hightlight reels and music videos to be found alongside the genuinely user created material.

    YouTube appears to be complying with the DMCA safe harbor regulations and routinely take down material based on complaints from e.g. the TV networks, but clearly the volume of uploads means that material tends to be available on YouTube for a few days before the copyright holders get round to filing complaints and clearly there is lots of material on YouTube that simply isn’t of sufficient commercial values for rights owners to keep up with the users. (Which would also explain the enormous availabilty of cheesy 80s music videos on YouTube.)

    But for personal, I like all free things, free video, free space, free tools (such as free youtube uploader), this is a changing world, why not? I like all free things.

  2. Takuan says:

    call them : “law-trade workers”

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