• Slice and dice your way to a hearty meal with 20% off these knives this holiday season

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    We're certain you've mastered your way around the kitchen recently, and to be honest, it calls your name every day since the first crack you made at that TikTok macaroni dish. That said, because of your culinary prowess, the tools you use to slice and dice your way to a healthy meal may need a break, maybe even retirement to a home in knife Florida (which is as strange as gun Florida). Pick up this Seido Japanese Master Chef Knife Set (8 Pieces) on sale for 20% off this Cyber Monday season with code CMSAVE20.

    Okay, so here's everything you need to know about the Seido Japanese Master Chef Knife Set. Made from strong high-carbon stainless steel, these knives offer both sharp edge retention and durability while also bringing you a higher carbon content than other knives that have been sitting in your kitchen drawer since you first studio apartment.

    The construction of the knives themselves incorporates a sloped bolster that travels gradually onto the blade face for better comfort and control so you don't cut your hand open like a pro knife newbie. You'll get eight to choose from, ranging from a small pairing knife to an 8" chef knife for your dicing pleasure.

    So, how do Japanese-style knives differ from something your mom might have bought you as a last-minute stocking stuffer from a big box department store? With an acute 15-degree angle, you'll get a noticeably sharper cutting face when compared to the Western-style's 24-degree edge angles.

    Not to mention the Pakka wood handle is something you'll only find on a knife made for comfort, style and extreme dicing like you may need at a Japanese steakhouse. How's about them apples, Applebees?

    Get the Seido Japanese Master Chef Knife Set (8 Pieces), for $103.99 (Reg. $399) with code CMSAVE20.

  • Save 70% learning how to run a successful podcast in honor of Cyber Week

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    Let's face it, following through on things may not be your strong suit. From canceling plans with friends last minute to putting off those annoying errands till tomorrow (for the second week in a row), you aren't always the most productive. And when it comes to that brilliant idea you have for a podcast, your lack of experience may cause you to push it on the backburner indefinitely. What a bummer.

    If you've been thinking about starting a podcast but have no clue how to put it together, let alone know how to get people to listen to it, make things easier on yourself by enrolling in the courses offered in The 2022 Professional Podcast Masterclass Bundle. Covering everything from how to edit your sessions like a pro to how to get leverage off our overall brand, these eight courses show you exactly how to build the podcast you've been dreaming about.

    Even if you're an avid podcast listener yourself, that doesn't mean you know how to produce a killer show. That's why each course offered in this e-learning bundle boasts experienced, top-selling instructors, like Benjamin Wilson, Phil Ebiner, and more. With their insight, you'll create a comprehensive blueprint to building your own podcast, from the creation process all the way to the business side of things, helping you to actually earn money off it one day. 

    With an impressive 24 hours of content at your fingertips, you'll learn the right choices to make as you put your podcast together, like which platforms work best, which recourses to use for visuals and sound, and how to broadcast live on iTunes, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio. By the time you've completed your studies, you'll have a complete brand to sell along with your podcast, earning you a promising future like never before. 

    Save 70% on The 2022 Professional Podcast Masterclass Bundle, making it a mere $7.50 with code CMSAVE70. 

  • Get this $119 cordless, handheld vacuum for under $40 with this Cyber Week coupon

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    Look we're going to cut to the chase: we're not going back to what was once "normal" anytime soon, so all of those made-up excuses to use for why your house isn't clean will have to wait and you're going to have to actually pick up some of the slack (especially if total strangers can pick up a broom every now and then). Cleaning can be somewhat painless with the right tools, and the Quantum Handheld Portable Rechargeable Vacuum is the rightest of them all. 

    Designed with a digital high-speed motor to rev up your room for an ultimate clean, this bad boy is also cordless, so you can use it in almost any instance of mess on any floor, without finding out how your hardwood tastes from that nice little trip a cord would otherwise afford you. You'll also get an extension attachment and brush accessory with it, so no surface is a match for the suction adversary it will face with the Quantum.

    Need to clean while everyone's taking a midday snooze? No sweat, this baby has an LED light attached for those dark spots like corners, crevices, and, of course, dark rooms where everyone just needs a minute before the light turns on. It's also super lightweight, so you won't clunk around the house while everyone else just needs an ounce of quiet for once.

    As soon as you're done with all of that cleaning craziness, just use the 90-degree rotating handle, which allows for compact storage in the enclosed pouch. This way, there's no mess necessary right before kicking your feet up and announcing a job well done to the whole family. Afterward, just throw your new BFF on charge with the included charging cord and revel in your clean floors.

    Get the Quantum Handheld Portable Rechargeable Vacuum, which includes an extension accessory, brush accessory, USB charging cord, extra filter, and storage pouch, for $35.99 (Reg. $119) with code CMSAVE20.

  • Towing long distances with a Rivian still seems less than ideal

    This video report on TFL Truck of a couple who Instagrammed their 2700 mile trip towing their Mustang with a Rivian was of supreme interest to me.

    I am very interested in replacing my V8 truck with an electric one when the time comes, however, this generation of Rivian matched with current era charging infrastructure is a clear no. The trouble getting an EV truck with a trailer close to the charger was one issue, the 100 miles between charges another. I would not make it very long if I had to unhook the trailer to charge up without blocking all the other EV spaces.

    Aside from this, the Rivian seems like a pretty excellent truck.

  • "BOBBY YEAH" is a sick claymation for lovers of horror

    BOBBY YEAH is an amazing 23-minute animation written and directed by Robert Morgan. If you're into horror, then this eerie short is a must-see. The art and character design in this film is exquisite. I love the way the main character looks, with his little bunny ears and human-ish face. I wish he was my pet. 

    From IMDB:

    Bobby Yeah is a subhuman creature who experiences a series of increasingly bizarre, nightmarish encounters after stealing a malevolent baby's prized pet.

  • Save 35% on this 3-in-1 night light and wireless charging stand

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    Chances are, you're in the throes of holiday shopping right now, which means there's also a chance you have someone on your list that you have no idea what to get. Maybe they already have everything, or maybe they're just downright difficult to shop for. So, what are you supposed to get them when you have no ideas? The answer: The 3-in1 Night Light, Wireless Charger, and Smartphone Stand, now for 20% off during this Cyber Monday sale.

    This sophisticated 3-in-1 dream machine is perfect for anyone who has a smartphone (which is pretty much everyone these days). The phone stand function has a 180-degree adjustable handle that allows you to lean your phone against it from almost anywhere at a convenient angle to view photos, shows, or movies. While it's positioned, the Qi wireless charger will detect your device and begin wirelessly, and safely, charging it. Not to mention, it features a luxurious design, and the LED semi-circle light on the handle has three brightness levels that add a modern look to any home.

    Wireless chargers were the first step that was made into the future of device charging. Now, the next step is to do it in style. This 3-in-1 stand is a sleek lifestyle product that will have anyone on your list in awe when they open it. It gets the job done quickly and cordlessly, and not to mention, keeps your charging port fresh and unbothered from jamming standard chargers into it.

    With this wireless charger's looks, functionality, and ability to declutter any bedside table, it's the perfect gift this holiday season, or maybe the perfect thing to treat yourself with after this long year.

    Normally, the 3-in-1 Night Light, Wireless Charger, and Smartphone Stand costs $27.99, but you can use Cyber Monday coupon code CMSAVE20 at checkout for an additional 20% off, bringing the total for this must-have stocking stuffer to just $22.39.

  • Unomoralez makes outstanding Pixel Art

    There's a treasure trove of awesome pixel art to be found on unomoralez :: supernature!.  Uno Maralez makes pixel art reminiscent of vintage Mac Paint art, as well as moving image loops that are a blast to look through. I'd love to own a zine or book of this artwork. The retro feel to the design of the Uno Moralez website is awesome, but you can also check out even more of their work on instagram.

  • Mr. Bitchin is a 2013 documentary about the extraordinary painter Robert Williams

    You can watch this full documentary about artist Robert Williams, Mr. Bitchin, on YouTube for free. This 2013 film takes a deep look into the story of painter and cartoonist Robert Williams. Williams is the founder of Juxtapoz magazine and one of the artists who produced and drew for the classic underground comic book series Zap Comix.

    I first came across his insane cartoons in Zap, and was instantly blown away by how energetic and trippy they are. He's been one of my favorite artists ever since.

    YouTube description:

    Explores the remarkable art and life of painter extraordinaire Robert Williams an American underground legend, examining the territory between pop culture and fine art, and measuring the multiple meanings of "success" – financial, artistic, popular and critical.

    A documentary feature that offers insight into the multiple American counter-cultures of the late 20th century by following the great American artist and underground legend, Robert Williams' extraordinary path.

  • If you liked the music in 2001: A Space Odyssey listen to "Requiem, Apparitions & San Francisco Polyphony"

    "Requiem, Apparitions & San Francisco Polyphony" is an eerie, beautiful album used in the soundtrack for 2001: A Space Odyssey. The tracks on this album utilize micropolyphony, "a type of 20th-century musical texture involving the use of sustained dissonant chords that shift slowly over time."

    The technique was developed by György Ligeti, who explained it as follows: "The complex polyphony of the individual parts is embodied in a harmonic-musical flow, in which the harmonies do not change suddenly, but merge into one another; one clearly discernible interval combination is gradually blurred, and from this cloudiness it is possible to discern a new interval combination taking shape." [Micropolyphony]

    When I listen to this minimalist soundtrack at night while I draw or read, I always start to imagine that I'm drifting through the darkness of outer space.

  • Legal experts recommend Alec Baldwin STFU

    The Los Angeles Times shares a report of lawyers baffled by Alec Baldwin's decision to hold an interview over the death of Halyna Hutchins.

    LA Times:

    But the decision to speak on national television during an active criminal investigation, and amid two civil lawsuits, was a highly risky tactic that could compound problems for Baldwin, according to several legal and public relations experts who spoke to The Times.

    Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Neama Rahmani, who is co-founder of the Los Angeles-based firm West Coast Trial Lawyers, called the interview a "mistake" because Baldwin's statements can be used against him in court but will be of no use for the defense.

  • It's not too late these Cyber Week deals on Dell, Lenovo, Acer, and HP computers are still on sale

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    Whether it's answering emails all day for work or playing your favorite games for hours on end (and pretending to answer said emails), a quality device can make your life a lot easier. And if you're in the market for a shiny new laptop, computer, or monitor — or know someone that could definitely use one — you've stumbled into the right place. Cyber Monday may have come and gone, but you can still get those same great savings all week long. 

    Check out these 15 killer deals on must-have devices!

    Dell Latitude 3189, 11.6" Touch Pentium N4200 4GB 128GB Win10 Pro (Refurbished) – $289.99; originally $327

    Being more productive is easy with this Dell Notebook boasting an Intel Pentium N4200 Quad-Core processor. Ideal for movie playback and gaming, its 4GB DDR3 memory capacity ensures everything is always smooth sailing. It also boasts an 11-hour battery life and a high-quality webcam. 

    Acer TravelMate 14" Core i5-5200U 2.2GHz, 8GB RAM 256GB SSD – Black (Refurbished) – $374.99; originally $427

    This grade-A refurbished notebook ensures you perform tasks with incredible ease with generous hard-disk storage space, fantastic connectivity, and a 14-inch screen that lets you see everything in great detail. It even features an LED anti-glare screen to put less strain on your eyes. 

    Dell Latitude 3380 13.3" Core i5 2.5GHz, 8GB RAM 256GB SSD – Black (Refurbished) – $474.99; originally $541

    From ample storage space to an Intel Core i5 processor that lets you run multiple programs at a time without any lag, this laptop is ideal for those who want to get things done. But what really sets this laptop apart from the rest is its handy touch-screen boasting a screen 10 times more scratch-resistant than other monitors, helping you speed through tasks more efficiently. 

    Dell Latitude E5480 14" Core i5 2.4GHz, 8GB RAM 256GB SSD – Black (Refurbished) – $474.99; originally $541

    This grade-A refurbished notebook boasts fantastic security features to keep you safe as you work, surf the net, and beyond, complete with a touch fingerprint reader and a smart card reader. The advanced device also features an Intel Core i5 processor so you can smoothly operate multiple programs at once with ease and an integrated graphics card so you can run heavier software if needed.

    Dell 24" LCD 1080 60Hz Monitor – Black (Refurbished) – $159.99; originally $184

    If you're in need of an efficient monitor, this Dell model is just the ticket, complete with impressive response times, crystal-clear resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, and an adjustable stand that lets you adjust the screen to perfectly fit your viewing needs. It also boasts great compatibility, complete with DisplayPort, DVI-D, and VGA ports.

    Dell P2717 27" LCD Monitor (Refurbished) – $209.99; originally $241

    Your viewing experience shouldn't damage your eyes, and this Dell monitor provides you with excellent visual quality and a ComfortView feature that emits less blue light, easing the strain on your eyes significantly. It also comes with an array of adjustable features along with PowerNap, which conserves energy when you're not using the monitor. 

    Dell OptiPlex 7020 SFF i5-4570 8GB 500GB HDD Win10 Pro (Refurbished) – $259.99; originally $299

    Ensure all your needs are met with this expertly refurbished computer, complete with a pre-installed Microsoft Windows 10, an Intel Core i5 processor for efficient multi-tasking, and 500 GB of storage that lets you store files directly on your desktop. And thanks to its slim build, it can easily fit in smaller spaces, keeping your workspace as spacious as possible.

    Dell OptiPlex 7020 SFF i7-4770 16GB 512GB SSD Windows 10 Pro – Black (Refurbished) – $459.99; originally $527

    You don't have time to wait for slow processing, which is why this Dell OptiPlex computer is a must-have, with a faster Core i7 processor and incredible connectivity. You can easily store all your essential files right on the desktop thanks to its generous 512 GB of storage, and it even has an integrated graphics card so you can run heavier software, smooth as butter.

    Dell Precision 7510 15" Laptop i7-6820HQ 32GB 1TB Win10 Pro (Refurbished) – $749.99; originally $857

    If you want stellar performance without taking a huge hit in your wallet, this Dell laptop is a real winner, offering smooth, lag-free browsing, streaming, and gaming with an Intel Core i7 processor and 1TB of hard disk storage. Additionally, it has Windows 10 Pro built right into it, allowing you to easily run your favorite apps and programs, along with Ethernet and wireless connectivity.

    Dell Precision T3620 Tower i5-6500, 16GB 512GB SSD Win10 Pro (Refurbished) – $459.99; originally $527

    Perfect for all your everyday tasks, this perfectly restored Dell Precision Tower ensures a smooth performance thanks to an i5-6500 processor, ideal for video editing without ever dealing with lag. Add that to the fact that it has 16 GB of RAM for easy freeze-free multi-tasking along with a pre-installed Windows 10 Pro and you've got yourself a must-have computer.

    Dell Precision T3620 Tower i7-6700 16GB 512GB Win10 Pro (Refurbished) – $599.99; originally $684

    Refurbished with an "A" rating, this computer tower ensures you get everything you'd expect from a high-quality device like this, including a lag-free i7-6700 processor, better computing performance with 16 GB of RAM, and seamless wireless connectivity. It also comes with Windows 10 Pro so you can launch all of the most popular apps and programs with no problem at all.

    HP EliteBook 840G3 14" Core i5 2.3GHz, 8GB RAM 256GB SSD – Black (Refurbished) – $459.99; originally $527

    Whether you use it for work or play, this grade-A refurbished notebook lets you get more done at incredible speed thanks to an Intel Core-i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM. It also has fantastic connectivity, complete with two USB ports, an HDMI port, a multi-card slot, and more. It even comes with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity.

    HP 14" EliteBook 840 G3 i7-6600U 8GB 256GB Win10 Pro (Refurbished) – $524.99; originally $599

    Boasting more high-quality features than you'd find on other "off-the-shelf" retail models, this notebook boasts high-speed performance technology to help keep you as productive as ever. From its 8 GB of RAM to its crystal-clear 14-inch display, this laptop is perfect for all your digital tasks both at home and at the office.

    HP ProDesk 600G2 SFF Core i5 2.7GHz, 8GB RAM 256GB SSD – Black (Refurbished) – $389.99; originally $441

    Thanks to this expertly refurbished computer's sixth-generation Intel Core-i5 processor, you can easily run multiple programs without ever getting slowed down with delays. Plus, it has excellent connectivity options and a generous 256 GB of storage on hard disk space. It also boasts Windows 10 Pro, giving you access to all your favorite universal apps and programs.

    Lenovo ThinkCentre M900 Tiny i5-6400T 8GB 256GB SSD Win10 Pro (Refurbished) – $399.99; originally $456

    This little guy may look small, but it packs a powerful punch with a handful of USB ports, Windows 10 Pro, generous 256 GB of storage, and 8 GB of RAM. It also includes a handy WiFi dongle, ideal for connecting to the net no matter where you're working. And to make things even more convenient, it also comes with a power adapter and a wired keyboard, along with the desktop.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Use this Cyber Week coupon to save over $80 on these dog DNA and allergy test kits

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    Earning a dog's affection is the easy part. All it takes for our four-legged best friends to love us unconditionally is to be kind, to provide food, and give them shelter. They're forgiving. They're loyal. They're always waiting to greet us at the door after a long day of work. But to return the favor for all of a dog's love, an intimate knowledge of a dog's true genetic makeup and profile of allergens is the right way to go.

    The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test and Allergy Test My Pet Kid Bundle, currently on sale for $96 with Cyber Monday coupon CMSAVE20, give you the knowledge to properly feed, monitor, and care for your pup at a higher level than most pet owners have had available throughout history.

    The DNA kit involves a simple cheek swab that will help you understand your dog more than ever before. After swabbing your dog's cheek, you mail in the DNA sample, and in two weeks or less the answers will come in the form of detailed reports on your dog's personality traits, breed mix, DNA composition, predisposition to disease, and more.

    Your return package includes a custom photo certificate of the breeds found in your dog's specific composition, a percentage breakdown of your dog's unique DNA, and a report on the dominant breeds, potential personality traits, and health factors. If you want a specific percentage breakdown of your dog's DNA, you can email contact@dnamydog.com with your customer ID.

    While there are a wide variety of doggie DNA tests, this one has been honored by the GHP Biotechnology Awards 2020 as leaders in ethical canine genetic testing. 

    Beyond monitoring your dog for long-term health issues, a thorough understanding of their allergy sensitivities can vastly improve day-to-day choices for your pooch. Dogs can suffer from itchy skin, upset stomachs, and more due to food and environmental sensitivities, often unbeknownst to owners until it results in an expensive (and ultimately unnecessary) vet trip.

    This affordable allergy test measures roughly 100 of the most common allergens for dogs and is done by measuring the proteins found in your dog's cheek swab sample. Besides common household and environmental factors, you'll learn which foods to avoid (and which are safest) in your dog's diet.

    Taking the time to learn more about your dog now might not only save money in the long run, but could help add wonderful, healthy years to your puppy's life. The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test & Allergy Test My Pet Kit Bundle provides all the knowledge you need to do so for $96 with code CMSAVE20.

  • Ongoing supply chain crisis causes massive chicken tender shortage

    According to the Today Show, the ongoing supply chain crisis has brought a new level of untold suffering into American lives: a nationwide chicken tender shortage.

    Chicken tenders are the latest item affected by supply chain issues during the pandemic, which experts say may mean higher prices for them at the grocery store and restaurants.


    Chicken tenders, which are the smaller fillet of a whole chicken breast, require more processing to package and sell than chicken nuggets, which are made of scrap meat from the whole bird. That is why tenders can be harder to find or more costly, according to industry experts. 

    The price of a value pack of chicken tenders has gone up nearly a dollar per pound since this same time last year, from $3.02 to $3.99 on average, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

    Major chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken and A&W have changed their marketing plans to omit tenders from promotions in order to avoid selling out of them.

    Today spoke with a parents who are reeling from the devastating impact of having to feed their children literally anything other than chicken tenders. While this can, admittedly, be a difficult task, it's the hardly the worst thing in the world — but that hasn't stopped the GOP from blaming the whole thing on Biden, that dictatorial poultry president.

  • New trailer for HBO's adaptation of "Station Eleven"

    Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven is a pretty unconventional text, but it's widely celebrated because of how much its 15-years-after-the-apocalypse captures the human condition. Unfortunately, the first teaser trailer left much to be desired, dwelling largely on abstracts and the story's pandemic connections (which is more of a MacGuffin than anything). The new trailer, above, gives a better look at the actual story within the book, which gets me much more excited about the series.

    The 10-episode miniseries is slated to premiere December 16 on HBO Max.

  • The inventor of Tickle Me Elmo was a Unabomber suspect

    I can't stop thinking about this bizarre, rousing interview in which Mark Johnson-Williams, the toymaker behind Tickle Me Elmo, recounts his years as a suspect in the FBI's investigation of the Unabomber. Even though Johnson-Williams has nothing to do with Ted Kaczynski, the two men's lives have some odd similarities.

    After mailing his 16th bomb in April 1995, Kaczynski mailed a letter to the New York Times and the Washington Post, where he referred to himself as "FC" and laid out his manifesto. While it wasn't part of the letter, the FBI was able to detect an impression of a note that said "Call Nathan R Wed 7 pm," which sent them on an effort to contact thousands of Nathans throughout the country.

    FBI agents met with Johnson-Williams at his office at LeapFrog in Northern California, and he was wearing a baseball hat with the letters "FC," the same identifier the Unabomber used when he sent a bomb to the New York Times in 1995. The agents kept asking questions and things went downhill.

    "I owned blueprints to the type of plane Kaczynski tried to blow up [a Boeing 727, in 1979]. I had them because I'd worked on a talking warning system for McDonnell Douglas that Boeing planes were equipped with at the time.

    I also travel a lot — back then, I was spending three-quarters of my life in China — and I ended up being at two different California airports on a day where the Unabomber had threatened those two airports.

    They also asked me, "Have you ever been to Provo, Utah?" Strangely, I had. I'd worked on a product called Casey the Cassette Player — it was a robot toy — and I'd gone to a commercial shoot there in the mid-1980s at Osmond Studios. The Unabomber had also mailed a bomb from there."

    Until Kaczynski's arrest in 1996, Johnson-Williams talked to the FBI frequently— both in-person and, about once ever two weeks, over the phone.

    Full interview in Mel

  • Save over $300 on this self-cleaning towel set, all part of this Cyber Week Sale

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    In a day and age where we always have hand sanitizer on standby and have normalized the use of no-touch door openers, the same standard of cleanliness should follow you home, too — especially into the bathroom.

    While you envelope yourself in a towel after a warm shower, you're not thinking about the bacteria and microorganisms that exist in the fibers. One study showed that nearly 90 percent of bathroom towels were contaminated with coliform bacteria, and 14 percent of them also carried E. coli, yet we rub them all over our bodies without a second thought.

    Not all towels are made equally, and the 6-Piece Soji Smart Towel Set is a testament to that. The combination of silver infusion and bamboo fiber allows the towels to self-clean with no extra assistance needed. Plus, the lingering, mildew smell that standard towels produce is combated by Soji's odor-fighting microbes. Who knew that the washer didn't have to work so hard? 

    Before the towels even ended up on bathroom shelves and hooks, twisted yarn weave and signature stitching set the foundation of the four included hand towels and two bath towels. Usually an overlooked fact, but Soji gets fluffier over time because of the love put into the Japanese towel-making method.

    When it comes time to properly execute those self-care days, a soft, 600-thread count towel is a good place to start. It absorbs five times its weight in water thanks to its hyper-absorbancy. You never have to be away for too long.

    You can get your 6-Piece Soji Smart Towel Set for $95.99 with this Cyber Monday deal, a far cry from the original selling price of $400. Just use coupon code CMSAVE20 to lock in the major savings at checkout.

  • This multi-device charger ensures time's always on your side for under $15

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    From getting through the slew of work emails you've been putting off answering to making sure you're place is stocked with all the goodies necessary to feed all your holiday visitors this month, you've got a lot to get done in a limited amount of time. And the last thing you have patience for is waiting around for all your gadgets to charge, one by one. Who has that kind of time, anyway? 

    Look, it's almost the year 2022, and if you're still gassing up every one of your gadgets one at a time, there's surely a more efficient solution you can implement into your daily routine. That's where this brilliant 3-in-1 USB charging cable comes into play. Boasting three different charging outputs, you can gas up a multitude of devices in one go, cutting charging time down significantly. 

    This time-saving charging cable comes equipped with Type-C, Micro USB, and Lightning interfaces, meaning you can use it to replenish the batteries of your many different devices, even if they're from varying manufacturers. It's perfect for, say, your iPhone and your off-brand wireless buds.

    Built to last, the 3-in-1 USB charging cable was built with longevity in mind, complete with protective reinforcement where the nylon wire meets the output, smart chip protection, and a 47-inch-long woven wire ideal for any twisting or bending, never getting awkwardly knotted. And thanks to its lightweight design, you can easily pop it in your bag and take it with you to work, on trips, and beyond. 

    From its compatibility and portable design to its long-lasting make and included manufacturer's 30-day guarantee, it's no wonder so many people are choosing this charger as their everyday go-to. And with convenience like this on your side, you'll have more time than you know what to do with.

    Save big on the 3-in-1 USB Charging Cable with Cyber Monday code CMSAVE20, making it just $11.99.

  • Homeowner tries to smoke out snakes but burns down the house instead

    A house in Poolesville, Maryland was infested with snakes. But rather than leave it to the professionals, a Maryland homeowner decided to smoke out the critters using coals. And as the smoke was supposed to be doing its thing, the homeowner left the premises.

    Unfortunately, the DIY pest-control project led to a fire that started in the basement but soon collapsed the roof and engulfed the entire house, which even 75 firefighters couldn't save. The catastrophe caused an estimated $1 million in damages.

    From The Washington Post:

    The fire broke out around 10 p.m. on Nov. 23, according to Montgomery County Fire Department officials. …

    Seventy-five firefighters put out the blaze, which started in the basement.

    Piringer said the fire was accidental and that the homeowner used "smoke to manage a snake infestation." He said it is believed that coals were too close to some combustibles, starting the fire.

    Nobody is sure what happened to the snakes.