Just look at this awesome banana bunker.

Just look at it.

Banana Bunker (Thanks, Jeff!)


  1. Cucumber-shmoocumber. In the future, every woman will have a banana bunker in her home (wink-wink).

    1. I saw the gerbil holder as George Putnam in “Amelia”, though I think he’d resent being called that!

  2. I own an on-line sex toy business in New Zealand. It looks like I should stock this, and maybe feature it on the front page…

  3. As one who’s actually purchased this for a loved one a couple years ago, I can speak both to its merit as a noble protector of precious snacks and to its unavoidable phallic presence. Well worth the gag-factor if there are any banana lovers in your life.

  4. I could actually use this. It would be very convenient to throw a banan in my backpack and not end up with smushed banan all over everything.

  5. *insert choking on banana comment here*

    @16 omgomglolomg pronounced a resplendent Churhillian guffaw, if you please.

    I wonder if they come in a size for cut bananas… I notice that these seem to be, well more for the less circumspect varities…hmmm.

  6. Has nobody brought back the Atheist’s Nightmare yet?

    Ha ha! “Is that a banana in your hand, or are you just glad to see me?”

  7. So, after I slice half a banana on my cereal, how should I store the remaining half until the next morning? I put it in a baggie to protect it from fruit flies, but the exposed end always turns brown and slimy within 24 hours. If someone sold a dildo to solve that problem, I’d buy it.

    1. notthemessiah, I now suspect you are the messiah! (Further evidence: “Only the true messiah would deny his divinity!” —Python) What a brilliant little gizmo.

  8. Does anything say “Age of Excess” like a $12 case to protect a 20¢ banana?

    Well, ok, there was the Iraq war. But besides that?

    1. @robcat2075:
      Well, it should be good for far more than one 20¢ banana. If it’s reasonably sturdy and you bring a banana to work most working days of the year, you’d end up spending more on bananas than on banana conveyance devices. ;)

  9. The “cleverly designed Banana Bunker”

    I forgot “cleverly” was a way of describing things to catch out the filthy minded (me!) among us.

  10. At first glance I was 100% sure this was a dual-purpose dildo fruit saver. Really.

    And budda bing! So it is!

    Can I see the kitchen show demo now? (with a gal, preferably, thank you)

  11. anybody ever seen the toothbrush holder the broward sheriff’s office sells to women and men detainees? it looks similar.

  12. The ad on their site reads, “Pamper your banana…” my inner-12 year old can’t stop snickering….!

  13. I own this tingy – and – it’s useless.

    Bananas are packed quite good by nature.

    Not all Bananas fit in the Banana-Bunker.

    It still wastes space in your bag even if the banana is long gone.


    Anybody wanna have it? Pick it up for free in Berlin :D

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