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My friend, Ward Parkway, came across this ad for the Car Shot. It's a disposable camera that's been rigged with some kind of switch that causes it to take a panoramic picture when your car hits something. The camera is applied to the inside of the windshield with suction cups. The guy that makes and sells the Car Shot encourages parents to "put several in your teenagers car."

The Car Shot Web page has "Two True Stories" involving auto accidents -- a sad story about a fool who ventured onto the road without a Car Shot, and a happy story about the Car Shot inventor's wife. She had the camera in her car when she was hit by a guy who didn't want to pay up... until he was shown photographic evidence of his misdeed.

Be sure to check out the nice "outsider art" illustration of an anthropomorphic Car Shot camera testifying in court. I want a t-shirt with this on it.

A new model, with "One-Step Cocking" is advertised as costing $39.95, plus $5 s+h.

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