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Hello Kitty Avengers

The amazing Hello Kitty Avengers meme started back in (at least) May, but has only picked up steam since then, growing to encompass many other Supers. (via Wil Wheaton)

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Calendar for lighthouse haters

We've often pointed to posts from Liartown, USA, Sean Tejaratchi's funny, profane, NSFW Tumblr. Today, he's really scored with a gratuitously sweary and convulsively funny calendar about lighthouses. If this were an actual article of commerce, it would have topped my Christmas wishlist.

Zombie unicorn

Tully's "Zombie Unicorn," posted to CGHub, is the unicorn we've all dreamt of, but never dared to conjure forth. If only I could buy this as a life-size piece for the office (or even just the head on a trophy plaque).

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Spaghetti-Os remembers Pearl Harbor in the most crass and tasteless way imaginable

Spaghetti-Os commemorated Pearl Harbor in a special way, prompting a special twitterstorm of parodies -- click through for a selection:

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Republican congresscritters in clown makeup

I blogged the GOP clown college (WMxdesign's Flickr set of Republican politicians, leaders, and mouthpieces in clown makeup), but it's worth revisiting today, given all the shenanigans.

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Molars colonized by ambitious antiquarian architecture

This pair of striking images of teeth colonized by ambitious antiquarian architecture are part of a campaign for Maxam toothpaste from JWT Shanghai; the slogan is "Don't let germs settle down."

MAXAM Civilization-Egypt / Civilization-Rome / JWT Shanghai (via JWZ)

Notional, literary Ben and Jerry's flavors

From Quirk Books: a collection of shooped Ben and Jerry's flavors inspired by great books.

Keep Cool this National Ice Cream Month with Book-Inspired Flavors! (via Reddit)

Monster money!

Google Translate says that the caption on this image is Japanese for "Bill of surprised frontispiece monster world." I can't really hazard any guesses beyond that, but hey, monster money!

『びっくり口絵 怪物世界のお札』 (via Crazy Abalone)

Grandson explains reddit-restored, 60-y-o navy portrait to amazed Grandad

Stephen sez, "I recently helped set my grandad get set up on his new PC and spotted a photo of him from when he was about 20 years old. It was in a sorry state, so I emailed it to myself and posted it on Reddit, where the community came together and restored it beyond its original state! It was amazing what they did, and so I printed off everyone's contributions and framed my favourite. I then got my girlfriend to record the moment I gave my Grandad, so that I could share it with the people who did the work! The result is a funny, yet heart-warming video."

Reddit and I give my 87yo Grandad a wonderful gift! (Thanks, Stephen!)

Scientology sucks at photoshop

As Scientology's numbers and influence decline, the company religion is desperate to maintain appearances. Mark 'Wise Beard Man' Bunker managed to get shots and videos of this weekend's gala opening in Portland (despite a keystone kops runaround from the Portland cops, whom Scientology suborned to chase independent press away from the event), along with other, less public Scientology skeptics. They estimated the crowd at 450-750; the Church put it closer to 2,500, and to prove it, they photoshopped a bunch of stock-art people overtop of a line of rented trees.

Scientology Sunday Funnies: Portland Is Now Cleared, On to the Rest of Earth! UPDATE: PHOTOSHOPPING!

Gritty crayon colors

Rawr & Stuff's alternate crayon colors are pretty much shovel-ready -- you could clean up by selling these on Etsy. I'm very fond of "Moral Ambiguity Gray," myself.

Crayons (via Kadrey)

Dove sneaks revert-to-original Photoshop plugin into art directors' toolkits

Alan sez, "The makers of Dove have taken their 'Real Beauty' campaign against P-shopped models into the realm of hacktivism. As the video explains, they sneaked out a Photoshop plug-in (called an Action) that supposedly added a fake skin glow but in fact restored the initial appearance of a model prior to the usual sort of Photoshoppification."

Dove: Thought Before Action

Millennium Falcon toilet seat: why isn't this real?

Back in 2005, High Admiral Enchurito posted this great shoop to the Rebelscum forum depicting a Millennium Falcon toilet lid and a lightsaber plunger-handle. The fact that 7 years have gone by without this becoming reality is a sad comment on the state of our society.

Master replicas Sent ME the new falcon prototype! (via Neatorama)

Steampunky concept motorcyle

This is the creation of Mikhail Smolyanov, whose concept bike designs are, to a one, wonderful to behold. Funnily nostalgic, gloriously impractical, and beautifully rendered.

Solifague Design (via Kadrey)

Adding glasses to that old newspaper photo

Chris Smith very helpfully fixed the newspaper photo I posted earlier today, which showed me at 9 months, with my mom.

25 years of legal abortion in Canada (Thanks, Chris!)

If Star Wars creatures were taxidermied

Tauntr's "Star Wars Taxidermy" is inspired photoshoppery, but it'd be even better as a series of physical installations. I would hang these guys in my office in a SECOND.

Star Wars Taxidermy (via Neatorama)

Fractal cutlery that fringes off into hairy infinity

On the FractalForums message boards, a user called LhoghoNurbs has posted this wonderful contest-entry for a notional set of fractal cutlery. In a subsequent post, LhoghoNurbs explains that all the image manipulation was done in the GIMP, without any 3D modelling software. LhoghoNurbs wants a set of these, and so do I.

The set includes four pieces:

Cantor fork :: now you can pin a single kiwi seed. Twice in a row.

Recursive spoon :: it will never let you spill a drop of soup. Ever.

Koch knife :: to delicately cut hair-thin slices out of an egg. A raw egg.

The Infinity Set :: the set includes itself. As a subset.

Every piece of the set is inscribed with our Julia logo and our motto "The Infinities are Possible". Limited quantities. Unlimited price. The kiwi, the drop of soup and the egg are not included in the box, but could be ordered separately.

We are proudly presenting our latest kitchenware set featuring a design distilled for centuries by moulders all over the world; and based on the latest scientific breakthroughs. (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

Birds with human arms

The Birds With Arms Tumblr has a simple command for the net: "Photoshop arms on to birds. Send them to us." This turns out to be remarkably effective.

Birds With Arms (via Kottke)

The hilarity of CNN + Fox's bungled Health Care Act reporting, in a single 'shoop

Gary He of Inside Images today tweeted his photoshopped interpretation of an epic CNN gaffe. His 'shoop visually references the historic 1948 photo of just-elected President Harry Truman displaying before a crowd a newspaper that incorrectly reported his defeat.

The image went viral after inclusion in this New York Daily News article on how CNN and Fox totally blew it, by incorrectly reporting that the health care mandate championed by Obama was voted unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, when the opposite was in fact the case. More on Poynter. (thanks, Miles O'Brien!)

Lobby card for a movie that should have existed: "The War With Myself"

From the Boing Boing Flickr Pool, Adam Baron's fab "The War With Myself" photo-collage in the form of a lobby card for a film that never existed (but should have).

The War With Myself

Architecture mashups: "Fiction"

Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin shoots buildings around his town of Ghent and then mashes them up into impossible (and beautiful) structures he calls "Fictions."

Dujardin's website is a bit cumbersome (all Flash, all the time), but Freshome has a flat gallery of the photos.

Filip Dujardin Photography (via Cribcandy)

Occupy Sesame Street

There's something inevitable about Tautr's "Occupy Sesame Street" set, but that doesn't mean I don't like it. After all, most of us learned how to think about concepts like "fairness" from these characters.

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)