The military applications for P2P

The military applications for P2P are stunning. O'Reilly Networks' Richard Koman interviews the Chief Scientist and Technical Director for the U.S. Army Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation Command, and gets an earful.

Koman: Back to peer to peer -- does it seem ironic at all that you're applying some of the concepts that come from some of these services that are fairly subversive at least as far as the recording industry is concerned. You know, Napster-style ideas applied to military technology.

Macedonia: I don't think it's subversive. The only interesting thing about Napster was that they came up with a really good scheme for sharing music. I mean this subversive thing is just in terms of the way that the RIAA or the MPAA looks at this technology and sees it as a threat to IP rights.

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