CodeCon is a P2P event

CodeCon is a P2P event for hackers, not suits. It's running Feb 15-17 at the DNA Lounge, the San Francisco club owned by jwz, legendary ex-Netscape-hacker-cum-Club-Owner. Cool, open-source P2P projects — like BitTorrent and Peek-a-Booty — will be demoed and hackers will get the chance to chat with one another about their ongoing work.

Topics which won't be found at CodeCon include:

* SET and other white elephant, unimplemented standards
* Philosophy of X.509 and PKI or other top-down, irrelevant standards
* Digital Rights Management and other other technologies which impair individual liberty
* Mathematical cryptography lacking practical implementation
* Political debate about key escrow
* Vendor sales pitches for closed-source, feature-crippled libraries
* Enterprise security architectures with no relevance to the public Internet

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