Horsey TV

Horsey TV. This site maintains an exhaustive directory of upcoming TV programming involving horses. While I'm not really much of an equiphile, I love the idea of circulating such directories — I think it's only a matter of time until TiVo and other PVR vendors create a means for importing such lists, so that you'll be able to circulate a list of noteworthy shows that others can automatically capture with their devices at home. It'd be a kind of blog/Amazon Listmania for televisions!

Saturday, February 2:

RFD   High-School Rodeo                                   12:00AM-1:00AM
DISN  Zorro                                                1:00AM-1:30AM
OUTD  Mustang America's Wild Horse: Mantle Training Center 1:00AM-1:30AM
TNT   Rooster Cogburn                                      1:00AM-3:00AM
TNT   One-Eyed Jacks                                       3:00AM-6:00AM
DSCK  Lassie: Pony throws its owner                        4:00AM-4:30AM
FAMN  Bad Man of Deadwood                                  4:00AM-5:30AM



(Thanks, Eric)