Inappropriate technology is underway

Inappropriate Technology is in force! I snagged a copy of Craphound (no, not my short story, the excellent zine of the same name — the vendor tells me that Sean is planning another issue, hurrah! (Sean, my offer to host still stands, hear?). Ben Moor's exhibition of short educational ephemeral films is up and running. We're all chortling heartily to the strains of a serious-voiced Briton telling us to look around for calcium; now it's switched over to a talk-show that asks the musical question "Are British men lousy lovers — calls cost 10p" The audience is vastly disappointed that we didn't get to find out whether calcium is soluble. Charlie, who used to be a chemist, says that the salts are usually soluble, but the metal burns if you drop it in water. Danny explains the interruption: "It's fair use — we're only aloud to show as much of the film as will leave you unsatisfied, otherwise it's an infringment."