Broadband *doesn't* need content!

This amazing recent study of broadband adoption shows that content is irrelevant to the broadband experience. Broadband uses crave the ability to contribute to the Internet's distributed conversation and want nothing more than end-to-end connectivity.

The online surfing patterns of high-speed users reveal two values that policymakers,
industry leaders, and the public should bear in mind:

1. An open Internet is appealing to broadband users. As habitual posters of
content, broadband users seem to desire the widest reach for what they share with
the online world. As frequent searchers for information using their always-on
connection, broadband users seek out the greatest range of sources to satisfy their
thirst for information. Walling off portions of the Internet, which some regulatory
proposals may permit, is anathema to how broadband users behave.

2. Broadband users value fast upload speeds as well as fast download speeds.
They not only show this by their predilection to create content, but also by their
extensive file-sharing habits.

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(Thanks, Will!)