Florida satirists puncture Wall Street weasels

Last weekend's Miami Herald featured Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen on the subject of corporate corruption and what we can do about it. It was a nice moment of serindipity from two of my favorite satirists.

First, Dave Barry:

Yes, I am talking to YOU, Mr. or Ms. Small Investor. Wall Street is getting sick and tired of your namby-pamby "wait and see" attitude toward the stock market. Wall Street wants you to show some courage and resume handing your money over to Wall Street, the way you did back in the excellent 1990s, when we had a New Economy, and leading Wall Street analysts were touting all these amazing new companies that were in the exciting new business of . . . OK, nobody really knew what exact business they were in, but it was NEW!


And now Carl Hiaasen:

Rigas, 78, is the founder of the now-bankrupt Adelphia cable-television empire. He and two of his sons were hauled away by postal inspectors and charged with looting millions from Adelphia as it went down the tubes.

Those who have dealt with their local cable company couldn't be shocked to hear that there might be stealing and deceit at high levels. The surprise was that the feds actually had busted somebody for it.

Apparently, the mere sight of a CEO in handcuffs was enough to help send the stock markets soaring.



(via MeFi)