King hell radio administration tools free for the taking

Thor sez:

Bill Goldsmith who runs the great Radio Paradise (eclectic intelligent rock) is about to announce that he will be open sourcing his server and administration tools in the very near future.

Bill is a survivor of commercial radio and created RP to "tell the bean-counters who rule the radio biz to take that FM tower & shove it where the sun..."

What differenciates RP from other webcasters is the community aspect of the site. Users can rate and comment on the songs being played and these are fed back in to the music programming process. There is an incredible amount of potential in what he has done, I'd like to see RP put together a CD wishlist for me based on how I have rated songs in the past for instance. I sure hope the open source community gets behind it to take it to the next level.

Bill is also currently involved in quiet talks with the powers that be in Washington regarding web broadcasting. It's an interesting site to watch.



(Thanks, Thor!)