Third goat elected mayor of Texas town, survives assassination attempt

A remote Texas resort town has elected three successive generations of beer-drinking goats to the office of mayor. It was all fun and games until the assassination attempt:

It was Clay Henry's thirst that prompted his attack, according to the sheriff. On a Sunday last November, the new owner of the resort, Steve Smith, wanted to show a few visitors how Clay Henry drinks beer. Blue laws prevented him from buying one at the trading post, so Mr. Smith asked two men sitting nearby for a bottle. They obliged, but the sheriff said one of the men was offended that Mr. Smith had given a perfectly good beer to a goat.

Later that day, witnesses overheard Mr. Hargrove boasting that he planned to go back and castrate Clay Henry. The sheriff said Clay Henry was found in a pool of blood the next morning. Housekeepers cleaning the condominium where Mr. Hargrove had stayed found something in the refrigerator. Sheriff Dodson says it was Clay Henry's testicle. Mr. Hargrove, who could not be reached for comment, is scheduled for trial in August.



(Thanks, Songdog!)