Greeks get exclusive right to say "feta"

Greece has secured a promise from the EU that only feta cheese that's manufactured in Greece will be lawfully described as "feta." I guess everything else will be "feta-style cheese."

"Everyone knows it's Greek — even foreigners call it Greek feta," said Stefanos Kazakos, who works at a restaurant in Athens' historic Plaka district, popular with tourists.

"It's fair. This should have happened long ago," adds Manolis Androulakis, owner of a store selling traditional Greek products. "Feta is made in parts of Greece. It cannot be reproduced using different methods, and different milk."

And in related news:

From The Economist's "Business This Week" e-mail newsletter, 10.10.02:

The Italian government announced a scheme to certify ITALIAN RESTAURANTS
around the world, ensuring genuine Italian menus served by Italians —
complete, presumably, with oversized pepper mills and checked table
cloths. Counterfeit Italian restaurants are thought to make profits of
some EURO27 billion ($26.6 billion) a year. A pilot scheme will be
launched in Belgium next year.

"Italian-style restaurants?"



(Thanks, Bruce!)