Rove pulled electoral strings on his 2-way

Karl Rove, one of the Shrub's homunculus puppeteers, coordinated the 2002 electoral campaign by sending haiku-like micro-managing micro-messages to stumping politicos around the country via his BlackBerry email pager.

Through it all, Rove wore his war room on his belt'the postcard-size BlackBerry communicator that holds his unmatchable Rolodex as well as his e-mail system, through which he squirted orders and suggestions to campaign workers and lobbyists using only a few words. "It's like haiku, "says a political operative who has been on the receiving end. During meetings'even ones with the President'Rove would constantly spin the BlackBerry's dial and punch out text on its tiny keyboard. "Sometimes we're in a meeting talking to each other and BlackBerrying each other at the same time, "says a colleague. At times Rove's voltage got too hot even for all his outlets. He became known for breaking into song in midsentence. During games of gin rummy on Air Force One during Bush's campaign swings, Rove was always the loudest one yelling, "Feed the monkey! "when it was his turn to pick up a card. (Bush played once, Rove says, and "whipped me.')



(Thanks, Cypherpunks!)