Alan Moore's alternate history of the DC universe

h0l sez, this is "the banned-by-DC-comics-from-the-WWW but still available via Google newsgroups version of Alan Moore's _AMAZING_ mid-eighties retake of the entire DC universe. this was a proposal that never got off the ground, but even for non-comics fans, it's pretty spectacular stuff – lots of carnage, weird Martian Manhunter sex, and hyper-intelligent writing."

The House of Steel
This is one of the two most powerful clans, and it dominates the eastern
seaboard around New York and environs. Alternatively, if I change my mind it
could be outside America altogether and set in the Arctic Circle, based
around a new Fortress of Solitude. This is because the House of Steel
consists of the clan founded by Superman- We have Superman himself, a
morally troubled figure who doesn't know what's best to do about the chaos
he sees sounding him, but who has come to accept that the Houses provide the
only real permanent structure in a Stabilizing world and are thus important
to maintain. Superman has married and raised a couple of kids, and the
person that he has married is Wonder Woman, who has had an identity change
to Superwoman to accommodate her new stature- We see the genuine and
powerful love between these two in the face of the perils of the world
sounding them and the desire to do what's best They are also troubled by
their two offspring- One of these is a new Superboy, and he's about eighteen
when the story opens, and he's real bad news. The other child is a less
delinquent Supergirl, and new one who, like Superboy, has been born of the
union between Superman and Wonder Woman but who is much kinder and gentler,
more her mother's child. Having three members in the Superman class and
Wonder Woman (Superwoman) herself, they are obviously a clan to be reckoned



(Thanks, h0l!)