Help Dan Gillmor write his new book!

Dan Gillmor, one of the smartest and most principled journalists working today, and an avid blogger, is writing a book called "Making the News," about the relationship of blogging to journalism. He's writing the book interactively, soliciting comments from his readers on the outline and drafts. He's just fired the first salvo, a complete outline of the book, and he's invited all of us to read it, bash it around, and help him revise it.

To that end, I hope you will become a part of this book, too. You can start by reading the outline below. My publisher, O'Reilly & Associates, agreed that this was a good idea.

How can you join the project? Please tell me what you think of these ideas. More that that, please tell me about specific things you know about that would a) help illustrate the concepts; b) refute what I'm saying; and/or c) provide further nuance and context.

My e-mail is already at a volume where I can't keep up with everything. So I must apologize in advance if I don't get back to you quickly when you tell me things. I do promise to recognize your contributions in the publication itself, and on this site. One way I'll do that is to write a chapter describing this process.