Big Urban Game: using Minneapolis/St. Paul as a giant playing surface

Alan sez,

They are playing games in the Twin Cites of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. B.U.G. (Big Urban Game) consists of three game pieces being moved around a 108-square mile game board of the two river cities. The five day race has three inflatable colored Red, Blue, and Yellow pawns 30 feet in height being moved on color coordinated routes. It is manually carried by "movers" from one day's checkpoint to the next checkpoint on one of two routes which is selected by web voting results. The community "shakers" at the end at the day's race, roll big inflatable die to tally total numbers. The the color team with the most people (of all ages -some reports have animal pets being included) participating gain a "speed boost" which is subtracted from their "moving time". This link has some images for day one for the Blue team. it is an individual's web site, and will give you a taste of the project. More game details are at That site (University of Minnesota
Design Institute) is planning to release a site with contributed images of all the teams moving throughout the metro area in the comming days.



(Thanks, Alan!)