Cataloguing the references in Paul's Boutique

This site collaboratively catalogs and explains cultural references embedded in the Beastie Boys' hyperdense album "Paul's Boutique."

# "Are you experienced little girl?" – reference to Jimi Hendrix's song and album titled "Are you experienced?"

# "Cause you know why a you see H…" If you take the last five words of this line pronounced phonetically, Why=y, a=a, you=u, see=c, h=h = Y+A+U+C+H

# "customs jailed me over an herb seed" – refers to an incident in 1988 when the US customs arrested a man at the mexican border for posessing three marijuana seeds

# "Do Wah Diddy" (song by Manfred Mann)

# "Proud Mary keeps on turning…" song by the name of "Proud Mary" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

# Bob Dylan-famous folk singer

# Dragnet, TV show and pulp-movie

# Harley – Harley Davidson Motorcycle

# Miss Crabtree and Spanky (characters in Little Rascals)