Copenhagen's Christania voluntarily demolishes "Pusher Street"

Christania, the Permanent Temporary Autonomous Zone in Copenhagen, has been under threat of demolition for over a year now. With destruction looming, the drug dealers of Pusher Street, the open-air hash-and-pot market, have torn down their stalls, so that the authorities can no longer maintain the pretense that they are attacking the decades-old, pretty and astonishing squatters' village because it presents a drug problem.

Using a tractor, crow bars, saws and hammers, dealers and residents tore down two dozen colorful booths that have stood along the sparsely paved but well-traveled Pusher Street for years...

In 1987, Christiania was recognized as a "social experiment" and two years later the government gave residents the right to use the land, but not ownership of it.

Christiania has become a tourist destination, with some travel guides mentioning it prominently, and Pusher Street appears on several city maps. In May, one of the booths that sold hashish was donated to Denmark's National Museum.


(via Fark)