Detroit's SuperBowl bid faked the skyline

The Detroit Free Press has broken a story about how Detroit's SuperBowl 2006 bid used a doctored photo to sex-up Detroit's snaggle-tooth skyline, lighting up abandoned buildings with Photoshop. Don't miss the killer infographic.

In real life, though, at least 10 of the photo's buildings are abandoned hulks. Some are burned-out, roofless and scarred with soot.

Artists touched up the photo by splashing light onto darkened windows and streets and adding roofs where there were none.

The final product made Detroit's lonely blocks look as Super Bowl-worthy as busy Houston.

"We want to do the same thing, put our best foot forward and turn on all the lights we can," said Michelle Fusco, a spokeswoman for the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau, which helped staff the Detroit booth.


(Thanks, tracymilburn!)