Flickr for image-sharing launches at ETCON

Ludicorp (disclosure: I'm an advisor to Ludicorp), whose Game Neverending was one of the most interesting social software projects of the last two years, has just launched a new product, called Flickr, live on-stage at ETCON.

Flikr is a social image-sharing application: it's a mechanism for creating ad-hoc chats, using a drag-and-drop GUI interface that lives inside your browser, and share images from peer-to-peer and within conversational groups.

I've beta-tested this at various points and at each time I've been struck by Ludicorp's amazing combination of utilitarian, usable interface aesthetic and genuinely witty whimsy. As Ben Ceivgny, a developer on the project, said:

We collect images with cameraphones and so forth, but we have no good mechanism for advancing them out into the world. Here's a mechanism for batching them into a locked-and-loaded tool for firing them into the world.