Marvellous classic audiobooks on Telltale Weekly

Some time ago, I blogged about Telltale Weekly, a site that records and posts audiobook editions of public domain texts, charging small sums ($0.25-$4 or so) for MP3/OGG/AAC downloads.

I just revisited the site and gosh, there's been a lot of good stuff posted since I last stopped by (there's an RSS feed for new titles that I've just added to my newsreader): classic stories and essays by Twain, Jack London, L Frank Baum, O Henry; poetry by Walt Whitman; political speeches and essays by Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass… My cup runneth over.

And there's good karma at Telltale: after five years or 100,000 downloads, TTW will release each track into the public domain under a CC license; also, partial proceeds from Ogg downloads are donated to the Xiph Foundation, who support Ogg development.