Celebrity Scientologists

This is a frequently updated, exhaustively documented list of celebrity Scientologists:

Name: Sonny Bono

Profession: singer, actor, republican rep., pizza delivery man in congress
member of the House Subcommittee on Copyrights and
Intellectual Property

Status: introduced by Mimi Rogers; took some courses, says
he's a roman catholic, not a scientologist (LA Times),
but probably still in (used the word "enturbulate" in public
around 26.4.1997)

He says in Esquire:
"I openly studied scientology to the degree that they
did some courses on ethics, and then said thank you and
left. (…) The scientology – there was no cult thing there."

From drogers@huey.csun.edu (David D. Rogers):
According to Corydon's book, he was quoted as saying:
"My only sorrow is that L. Ron Hubbard left before I
could thank him for my new life," in a full-page ad
featured in several newspapers after Elron's death.
died 6.1.1998

His widow, Mary Bono, has also done scientology courses

Achievement: Congressman (R), Palm Springs Mayor, Cher's ex-husband.
Cher: "A politician is usually a null, so the job fits him".
"The Progressive": (first mentioned to me in october 1995)
"#8 on the list of 'The Ten Dimmest Bulbs in Congress'
"Bono's mental shortcomings have long made him a
subject of scorn among California politicians."


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