Remember San Francisco's gay marriages? Forget it

Remember last winter's rush of gay marriages at San Francisco's city hall, following on from the mayoral decree that gays may marry? Remember the rock-concert campouts, the nationwide outpouring of support, the endless parade of joyous images of happily married couples?

Forget it.

The California Supreme Court has annulled every one of those marriages. From

"Molly McKay is the Executive Director of Marriage Equality California. This is a photo I took of her at the release party for We Do. She's on page 23, wearing that same dress, getting married.

"For years - years - she and her partner, Dr. Davina Kotulski, came to City Hall on Valentine's Day to apply for a marriage license. It was their own quiet protest. And every year they were turned away. Until this year.

"This year, six short months ago, she was finally allowed to marry Davina. And today, thanks to the fantastically stupid ruling of the California Supreme Court, that marriage is null and void."