Bea Arthur's fight against the Transport Security Agency

Bea Arthur forgot to take her pocketknife out of her purse last week at Logan airport and when the TSA found it, she ran around screaming, "The terrorists! The terrorists put a knife in my purse! We're all doomed!" She was being funny — it's what she does. She's the funniest of all the Golden Girls, that's for sure.

The TSA didn't take it well.

Kur5hin has an appreciation of Ms Arthur and her sense of humor today:

It should be obvious to us that an 81-year old woman committed a crime by making a snide remark when hassled for carrying a pocket knife? I'm just glad that she had the guts to call the security guards out for their ridiculous behavior, even if most Americans think she's crazy for making a joke.

As such, I present a simple proposition: Bea Arthur for President!