Lore on new Star Wars game

Lore "Brunching Shuttlecocks" Sjöberg reviews Star Wars: Battlefront, a new shooter-game, in today's Wired News. Nutshell: it's more cool than it is fun, with lots of opportunities for Star Wars truefen to blow away Jar Jar and get down with their lucas-envy, but not a lot of gameplay.

You can look up at towering AT-ATs or look down from them as you blast the rebels to smithereens, evil cackle optional. You can zoom through the trees of Endor's moon on a speeder bike, see your buddies get pulled into a Sarlacc pit, and dogfight above Bespin. More cynical fans will welcome the ability to give Ewoks and Gungans a good spanking, blaster-style. Not only are the arenas exciting enough to pull you in, they even manage to make the prequels look good.