brun1-storEalier this year at the Wired NextFest, I played a prototype of Mindball, a game developed at the Interactive Institute where two players sit at a table and control a small steel ball with their EEG activity. (Actually, your brainwaves control a magnet under the table that moves the ball, but it *seems* as if you're controlling the ball directly.) By relaxing your mind, you can make the ball roll over to the opponent's goal. So to win, you have to "out chill" the other person. I was skeptical, until I actually sat down to play against my friend Nick Philip, an ambient DJ/artist who is in the business of chilling. He beat me every time.

Now, Interactive Productline is selling Mindball tables for US$20,000. It would make a great addition to any man or woman-of-leisure's rec room.