Save Tomorrowland!

The editors of SaveDisney have written an open letter to Matt Ouimet (President of Disneyland Resort) and Jay Rasulo (President of Walt Disney Theme Parks), calling on them to save the submarine ride and bring back Tomorrowland. After years of a Tomorrowland renovation turning Disneyland into the happiest construction site on earth, Tomorrowland is still moribund, boring — a place where two of the main attractions are a video arcade and a down-at-the-heels second-rate Comdex trade-show-floor.

What was once a gleaming futuristic utopia — with an amazing kinetic energy from its various transportation vehicles above, on and below the Earth's surface — has become a rundown has-been-land due to the inadequately budgeted Tomorrowland '98 project that essentially stripped-bare what had been one of Disneyland's most popular areas…

The infrastructure for these marvels remains largely intact. What a shame it would be to pass on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to preserve Walt's 1959 wonders for future generations. Walt's fleet of submarines, once his pride and joy — were built to last, and have survived to date. But the clock is ticking…

We at would like to support the restoration of Submarine Voyage — whether its a retooling into a more-current Finding Nemo storyline, or a simple refreshing and rededication of the classic attraction.


(via The Disney Blog)