Neo NeoFiles

The latest issue of RU Sirius's NeoFiles is now online. In this edition, RU interviews Daniel Pinchbeck, author of Breaking Open the Heard, about his psychedelic adventures, and EFFer Annalee Newitz on whether Transhumanism sucks. As a special bonus, NeoFiles publisher Will Block interviews RU about his excellent new book Counterculture Through the Ages: From Abraham to Acid House.

In this edition of Neofiles, we drift far afield to explore some views that some neophiliacs may find either too far beyond the pale or too close to the bone. This is all part of our effort to make a varied discourse, much of it circling around the concept of transhumanity or radical mutations in the human condition…. What we do and think at the edges in this generation will likely be central concerns to generations a few decades or centuries into the future. Let's get all the possibilities and impossibilities on the table now. You never know what vision or critique may prove useful in whole or in part some time in that future.<