Custom creatures

LambA couple months ago, I posted about the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists. One of the members, Sarina Brewer, is a taxidermy artist with a wonderful sense of the curious and surreal. Her exquisitely executed "gaffs" (fakes) range from various siamese siblings to winged cats to enchanting renderings of the classic Feejee Mermaid. And her prices are quite reasonable.
From Sarina's bio:

Her lifelong obsession with biology often focused on genetic mutations. Study of these deviations of nature eventually led to the the discovery of circus sideshows and "freaks." This influence, as well as a slightly warped sense of humor, manifest themselves in her strange cryptozoological creations and each peculiar artifact she creates. Now incorporating her past formal art education with her passion for biology and the bizarre, you are invited to peruse the culmination of nearly three decades of the study of art and the natural sciences in her eccentric works.

"I call it art, you can call it whatever you want."

Link (Thanks, Moblog Kid!)