Locksmiths freak out over "Safecracking for the computer scientist"

A crypto researcher named Matt Blaze wrote a paper called "Safecracking for the computer scientist" that detailed the common vulnerabilities in safes in use today (Bruce Schneier called the paper "excellent").

The result, though, has been a round of incredible ire, bile and moaning from locksmiths and safe-maker, who have filled Usenet with angry recriminations with Blaze, who has committed the cardinal sin of explaining that their products don't work as advertised.

The real problem is that people like Blaze are in positions of trust in
society. Then he abuse it by publishing trade secrets in the name
of research.

When they do things like this and get away with it it gives other
peoples like him the idea that this is OK. We have to nip it in the
bud or soon there will be no security left after these intellectuals
get through with us.


(via Schneier)