Ideology-driven colas

Apropos of Cory's post yesterday about Afri-Cola, my Parisian pal Alex Boucherot of AEIOU and Fluctuat sends us this menu listing a few of France's "special colas."

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It all started with Mecca Cola, an ideology-driven cola which gives 20% of its net profits to charities (10% going to Palestinian charities). There's been quite a big controversy here, as some people thought the money was going in some unsafe hands… Rumors… Still, the copied-Coke has even be copied! (beware of couterfeits, hahaha!)

After this first attempt, which had quite a big success, everybody wanted to make his own ideology-driven cola. Hm. Fair traders (Beuk Cola done out of brown sugar from Costa Rica), but mainly a lot of regionalists, surfing on the "militant cola" wave:

Breizh Cola from Brittany

Corsica Cola for Corsica
Chtila, the cola for the North of France

…and a few more coming in & out.

Boing Boing trivia: Years ago, our own Cory Doctorow manufactured an "ideology-driven" drink called OpenCola as a promotional item for the P2P company of the same name that he co-founded. A pre-Creative Commons project, the OpenCola recipe was made freely available online under a GNU General Public License.

UPDATE: It's not French fizz, but Christopher Null points us to Salaam Cola, canned by a Californian company that gives 15% of its profits to "organizations that spread peace." Link