Obsessive gamer Storm Troopers get a Vader-visit

The 203rd Desert Expeditionary Legion (A Company) are a group of Star Wars Galaxies gamers who are really into being Storm Troopers. They drill, patrol, take shifts and work military discipline among themselves. After doing this for some time, the game-masters in SWG decided to reward them for their diligence: so they dispatched a virtual Darth Vader to go to their camp and give them a pep-talk:

"For too long, the Rebellion has survived in our midst," said Vader, "but no longer will such an affront be tolerated. Order must be restored.

"Effective immediately, all known Rebels and Jedi will be shot on sight by Imperial troops."

Before leaving, Vader told the troops he was pleased with their discipline, maintained even at the edge of the Outer Rim.

"The Emperor has been told of your loyalty," Vader said. "And he will be watching."


(via Wonderland)