Lexicon: CC-licensed RPG based on compiling fictional encyclopedia

Morbus Iff sez, "Ghyll is a Creative Common licensed player-created world per the rules of "Lexicon: an RPG" (think: a fictional wikipedia, constrained by integration, consecutive letter definitions, and cranky scholars that write before 'before scholarly pursuits became professionalized (or possibly after they ceased to be)'). It has reached nearly 30 players, 200 pages of text, an incredibly large timeline, a hundred characters, and a to-scale ASCII map of the known world. Darkly humorous? Possible. Odd? Mmhmmm. All CC? Ayup.

"We're starting Round 2 next month (in essence, starting over again at letter A to further define the world). Notes about the announcement here, as well as links to the timeline, characters, and ASCII map."


(Thanks, Morbus!)