Science fair project on dangers of BB guns rejected b/c BB guns are dangerous

Gary sez, "Okay, follow the logic here:

"Hypothesis: Middle School kids work for months on science project documenting the danger of BB guns using scientific methods, data, experiments, etc. thereby learning a valuable lesson about safety and the scientific process.

"Result: Project is disqualified from the science fair because BB guns are too dangerous."

The boys spent about $200 on ballistics gelatin, which has the same density and consistency as human flesh, to use during their ballistic tests, which were done under the supervision of science teacher Jennifer D. Welborn and Nathan's mother, Sharon L. Downs.

"We put a lot of time into this — every Monday and Thursday since November," Gorlin-Crenshaw told The Republican of Springfield. "We devoted a weekend to the actual testing."

But 10 days before the June 4 event at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, they were told not to bother attending.


(Thanks, Gary!)