Stolen Trotsky-slaying icepick for sale to Trotsky's descendants

The icepick that killed Leon Trotsky was stolen by a Mexican secret service agent from the evidence pool related to the murder. Now his daughter is trying to sell it back to Trotky's grandchildred.

Ana Alicia Salas says her father, Commander Alfredo Salas, stole the pick because he wanted to preserve it for posterity.

Trotsky's grandson Seva Volkov, who lived with his grandfather at the time and still lives in Mexico, is willing to provide samples for a DNA test against the blood on the handle only if Salas donates the pick to the museum in the house where the murder took place.

But she said: "I am looking for some financial benefit. I think something as historically important at this should be worth something, no?"


(via Fark)