Dubailand: world's largest themepark EVAR

Dubai, a city that is practically a themepark already, is building the world's largest, most expensive, most luxurious themepark, EVAR, called "Dubailand" (what else?). You can tell from the website alone that this is going to be something: vacuous, content-free Flash site, with all the major info hidden behind PDFs and (ugh-ptui!) a Real video. Now notice the "worlds" of Dubailand: "Downtown," "Eco-Tourism," "Retail and Entertainment," "Attractions and Experience," "Sports and Outdoor" and "Themed Leisure and Vacation." Retail and Entertainment? Now that's some forthright theming! Check out the bumpf, especially the FAQs!

Retail & Entertainment World will provide a critical mass of retail facilities
providing a wide variety of global brands but also unique boutiques and
discount stores, all within the biggest mall in the world – the Mall of Arabia.
Entertainment and dining facilities will complement the retail facilities through
encouraging tourists to extend the length of their stay at Dubailand, thereby
creating further opportunities for purchases….

How many people would be working at Dubailand when it is fully operational?
Dubailand will seek to employ around 300,000 working individuals by 2018 from the various projects in it.

How many visitors a day are you expecting when fully operational?
At peak operational capacity, we have forecast a footfall of some 200,000 visitors a day.

What kind of per capita spend is projected for visitors?
The rates will be an average of USD 100 per day per person not including hotel stay.

Has any study been done on the environmental impact of such a large project in almost virgin desert?
The masterplan has been based on a philosophy of maintaining as much as possible the environmental integrity of the land designated for Dubailand's development.

How will you maintain the law and order of large crowds?
Dubailand will be coordinating with Dubai Police on relevant security issues.


(Thanks, Neal!)