Convert crappy DRM TV signals to unrestricted DVI

Spatz, a German manufacturer, is offering a pair of products called DVI HDCP and DVI MAGIC that convert brain-damaged DRM digital TV formats like HDCP (usually found as the outputs in TV equipment made by gutless suck-up tech companies that were ready to bend over for the Broadcast Flag long before there was a legal requirement to do so, or in asstacular Blu-Ray/HD-DVD boxes) into unrestricted DVI signals that can be played through standard, non-DRM high-def screens.

[…I]t uses the HDCP chips ususally built into high definition displays, so that HDCP "protected" signal sources uncomplainingly deliver their signal to the boxes. They then convert them to RGBHV or unprotected DVI signals.

This means that HDCP sources like HDTV, HD DVD or Blu-ray Discs can be made to work with equipment using analog or "unprotected" DVI inputs.

c't reports that when testing the boxes, a LCD TV set without HDCP support displayed pictures in all modi and resolutions, from PAL/PAL Progressive to NTSC/NTSC Progressive and 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) without problems. The built in HDCP chips' labels had been removed, so that it was impossible to find out where they came from.


(Thanks, Matthias!)