Electric Velocipede sf magazine available free online

John Klima, editor of the amazing indie sf zine Electric Velocipede, has released the current issue of EV online in toto.

Issue #9 has unleashed itself on the world. Some pretty darn amazing stuff in here if I must say so myself. Of course there's the red-not Hal Duncan with his novelette "The Chiaroscurist" to kick the issue off. Hal also sees his first novel Vellum release in the UK this month. It's pretty freaking good, too. If you're caught up in the Hal Duncan craze, don't forget to buy copies from me and not off Ebay. I'll save you at least $30, if not more.

But hey, this isn't all about Hal. Fellow Scottish writer Neil Williamson shows off his skill with "The Euonymist." This issue displays quite a international flair with rising British talent Jay Caselberg's "A Taste for Flowers," a tale sure to make your milk curdle. We continue abroad with the delightful Anna Tambour tale "Strange Incidents in Foreign Parts." The talented Kristine Ong Muslim is our last overseas contributor with two poems in the issue.

Now, don't start thinking that the United States isn't represented. You probably notice the Thom Davidsohn (of JPPN fame) cover first. Yowza! Electric Velocipede regular, Mark Rich, keeps up his stellar work with "Another Day." Mark W. Tiedemann shows us all about "Hard Time" and Jonathan Laden looks into the future through "Braids of Glass." The issue closes with the always spectacular Jason Erik Lundberg and his 'egotistical' tale of the "Solipsister." Unfortunately, on top of everything cool, this issue does mark Bill Braun's final "Attic Space" column; he will be missed.