Hamlet as a text-adventure game

If Hamlet was a text-adventure, it would play like this well-executed, extremely funny web-based Shakespeare-cum-Zork:

It's so unfair! You're in trouble again, just because you called your uncle – or rather, your new stepfather, Claudius – a usurping git. It's true, though. Your real dad was SO much better than that guy. Too bad he was found mysteriously dead in the orchard a couple of weeks back. Anyway, your mother (who was, incidentally, looking quite something today in a sparse leather number, er…) sent you to your room, and here you are.

You are in your luxurious palatial boudoir, all of ten feet square. There is a four-poster bed, and not much else. A portrait hangs on the wall.
An exit leads north.


(via Making Light)