Table made from ancient, giant hard-drive platter

This table is made from a vintage, gigantic hard-drive. No idea what the capacity of the platter was — probably like 8k.

The Hard Drive Coffee Table top is an original 26" diameter hard drive platter from an early storage device (circa 1970). The center hub of the platter is solid aluminum. The custom-created pedestal is also solid aluminum; a cylinder measuring 5.9" in diameter and 18.5" in length. It has a machined top and bottom to fit into the hard drive hub and base, respectively. The base is a solid aluminum 12" diameter, 1.75" high round obtained from a now-defunct government laboratory. Four bolts are screwed into tapped holes in the pedestal in order to secure the hard drive platter and the pedestal is press-fit into the base. It is covered with standard 1/4" table glass. The completed design measures 19.5" high and weighs 64 pounds.

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(Thanks, Robert!)

Update: Joe Grand, the sculptor who made this, says "This
piece is one-of-a-kind, was built by hand, and is not for sale."