Free, open source video-game cabinet games

Jamma Forever develops and releases free, open source video games intended for play on modified arcade cabinets running MAME. They've got two games online now, Stompin' Game, based on Dinosaur Comics and Whose Round is it Anyway?, a bar-quiz game. They're looking for new contributions, too.

Most people who grew up with games like Street Fighter 2 and Raiden Fighters will have fond memories of the Old-School arcades; row after row of upright JAMMA cabinets, each one containing a wonderful surprise for the pittance of twenty British pence - as opposed to the ten enormous machines you're lucky to find in an arcade these days, stinging you for a quid each game. Nowadays, those old JAMMA cabs are good for nowt but MAME and nostalgia.
But the JAMMA system is flexible and adaptable enough to allow you to wire up just about anything, including a PC running whatever software you like. There are tons of websites out there dedicated to the pursuit of building MAME-converted arcade machines - so what's this site for?

This site exists to make new games for old JAMMA cabinets. We live in a time when a single person can make a 90's style shoot-em-up in a couple of months. Old PC hardware is being thrown away, along with knackered JAMMA cabinets. Seems a shame to waste such flexible technology.


(Thanks, Caveman Joe!)