Donald Watson, founder of veganism, RIP

Donald Watson, founder of veganism, has died at age 95. From an obituary in The Times:

While staying at the farm run by his much-loved Uncle George, Watson was shocked to see his uncle direct the slaughter of a pig. Its screams remained with him ever after. "I decided that farms – and uncles – had to be reassessed: the idyllic scene was nothing more than death row, where every creature's days were numbered." He became a vegetarian, but continued to worry about dairy and other animal products and the way in which their industries were linked to the slaughterhouses…

Towards the end of the war, Watson formed a committee of "non-dairy vegetarians", who wanted to remove animal products entirely from their diet and initiate a new movement. He was keen to capitalise on the tuberculosis reported in Britain's dairy cows, and the scarcity of eggs. He laid out the first issue of his Vegan News in November 1944, over 12 typed and stapled sheets of A4. The word vegan he took from the front and back end of "vegetarian", expressing his belief that this new, absolutist diet was in fact the first impulse and the final destination of the vegetarian journey. He asked for other suggestions, and "dairyban", "vitan", "benevore", "sanivore" and "beaumangeur" were offered, but most of the 25 members were happiest with vegan.

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