Coldplay's new CD has rules: No MP3s, no DVD players, no car stereos

Coldplay's latest CD X&Y comes with an insert that discloses all the rules enforced by the DRM they included on the disc. Of course, these rules are only visible after you've paid for the CD and brought it home, and as the disc's rules say, "Except for manufacturing problems, we do not accept product exchange, return or refund," so if you don't like the rules, that's tough.

What are the other rules? Here are some gems: "This CD can't be burnt onto a CD or hard disc, nor can it be converted to an MP3" and "This CD may not play in DVD players, car stereos, portable players, game players, all PCs and Macintosh PCs." Best of all, the insert explains that this is all "in order for you to enjoy a high quality music experience." Now, that's quality.

I wonder how Coldplay feels about their fans getting all these rules set down for them by the music label? I wonder if most fans who read these rules will be wise enough to blame corporate, or whether they'll just decide to dig up a band whose label treats them like customers, not crooks? It's amazing how the labels always seem to come up with new ways of screwing artists: if they're not cheating them out of royalties, they're systematically alienating their fan-base.


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Update: Martin sez, "there's currently
a great opportunity to tell Coldplay what you think of their DRM
in 20 seconds or less via Skype.

Update 2: A knowledgeable source has identified this as a Macrovision DRM and disclaimer, and noted that the label only bought licenses to sell this CD with that DRM in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. However, this report originates in India, which suggests that the CDs are either being exported out of the region, or that the label is issuing the discs without a license for their DRM. Bottom line: wherever you are in the world, there's a chance that your ColdPlay CD came with this DRM, and there's no way to find out without buying the disc and taking it home, and once you do, it's too late to take it back to the store.