Bruce Sterling's bumper-sticker designs

Kyle sez, "I commissioned Bruce Sterling to develop some bumper sticker concepts for my make-your-own-bumper-sticker site, and he came up with six pretty cool ones. He also gave me a great interview touching on spimes, cyberpunk, and the 'Centipede' scandal he's been blogging."

I use the word "instantiate" because the older word "manufacture" has the wrong etymology. Manufacturing literally means making something manually, with hands. Somehow the old term drifted into new use for a machine process that likely should have been radically renamed, like "mechafacturing." We lost that opportunity for clarity. In Shaping Things I'm trying to convince people that it's possible to approach physical possessions in an entirely different way than we do today. Tomorrow, they're no longer jealously guarded physical rarities that are hard to replace, they are hard copies whose histories and support processes are in continual flux.


(Thanks, Kyle!)